Friday, May 1, 2009

John Cusack's "Hot Tub Time Machine"

Ilan, Guinness the Dog and I walked up town today to have lunch with my husband and to possibly find a zipper for Ilan's new soft shell jacket (repurposed out of my old one). The snow has been gone for a few weeks but today as I approached 2nd Avenue there were heaps of snow piled up against the buildings and curbs. John Cusack's "Hot Tub Time Machine" is being filmed here in Fernie and they are a little late in regards to catching prime shots of snow. Guinness was in his glory as extras peppered the streets and he slowed and greeted as many as he could. I not so patiently dragged him along, slightly annoyed he kept trying to pee on the nice white mounds of relocated snow (likely brought down from the ski hill). I overheard one extra remark he shouldn't play with the snow as it "might not be all that clean". Despite this herky jerky walk with the big goofy collie retriever cross, I had a nice lunch, enjoyed the sunshine and didn't bother to stop for a zipper. I will save it for tomorrow. It gives us an excuse to walk downtown again. Next time I will brush my hair and wear something other than the local uniform, a fleece. This may give me an excuse to make a few new skirts as you never know who I will "bump" in to in downtown Fernie!

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