Sunday, January 24, 2010

Little Girls Peasant Top from SEW LIBERATED!!!!

I pre-ordered a copy of Sew Liberated and waited about 3 weeks...and not so patiently. I am addicted to browsing online bookstores at the fabulous sewing books out there. The photography is beautiful, the sewing envious and even better, patterns are included!!! Unfortunately, I buy more books and spend more time dreaming than sewing half the time. But when I cracked open Sew Liberated, a little toddler/girls's shirt popped out at me.. Within a couple of hours I put the pattern to the test. Sizes included were S. M. L and XL. I had no idea for whom a Sm would fit, but it looked like it would work for a 18 to 24mos. The pattern  for the main body was the same for the back and front so that left just the sleeve...only 2 pattern peices for the whole top. It was so easy!!! The original shirt had 3 little appliqued circles on the front but I used a bird template also found in the book. I was worried about zigagging the bird on the linen/cotton shirt for fear that if it didn't look right I would have to pick out too many stitches. Instead I ironed on the applique bird with fusible webbing onto a peice of linen and then straight stitched it on, letting the edges fray. I was pretty happy with the results.
There is an adult version that I would like to make for myself once I have more fabric. Can't wait!! It feels good to be motivated again!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

All things linen....

I love sewing with linen. When I get a piece I mull over what I am going to do with it for days...scared to wreck it or not do it justice.  I don't have too much left of a batch I bought in Seattle so I used bits for a cotton and linen patch scarf. I then stitched a simple running stitch down the edges to prevent over fraying and I am pretty happy with the result.

The Finished Jacket.

Ok. So it wasn't exactly the next day. I will stop making promises I can't keep. When I go through my pictures I can't believe I waited so long to put Ilan's cute mug up! He seems pretty proud of his jacket! My next project for the spring is to make him a rain jacket out of Allan's gore-tex jacket.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ilan's Sort of New Jacket.

A couple of months ago I decided to cut up Allan's jacket and make a small one for Ilan. Here are some photos (finally!!) of the process. It worked amazing well considering I was nervous about possibly making a mess of it. It was easier than I thought. I just placed the pattern around the features of the jacket I wanted to keep. I was able to use the existing pockets on both the outer and inner lining. I reused the collar, complete with elastic and toggle to bring it in tighter around the neck. I also used the existing waist band with drawstring. The outside is a soft shell jacket and inside is lined with lightweight polyfill. I actually added another layer of quilt batting to make it a bit warmer as the original was really more of a spring/fall jacket. The end jacket has a detachable hood and I have yet to take a picture of Ilan wearing it...shameful I know!!!! Tomorrow, I promise.

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