Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ilan's First Camping Trip

We have such an amazing kid! People rolled their eyes and wished us luck when we explained we were going camping with a 8 month old. Ilan was his laid back self as he looked way up to see the trees around him, taking it all in. He was a pretty happy camper as he lay on his blanket with dad. He had a blast watching the dogs chew on sticks and sniff about. He had his own lawnchair in the mornings to eat his cereal after a sound sleep, bundled up in a gazillion blankets. I was likely over bundling him as usual. We drove the Forestry roads checking out the views and hiked as far as we could go up to Lakit Lookout before we ran into snow. We were dumbfounded at our ignorance of the obvious...that likely snowshoes are still required in the higher elevations in the backcountry this early in the season. No matter, it was all really good. The weather was warm, campfire coffee strong and our baby was happy, even when cutting his first tooth. We love you little guy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am a bit stressed at the slow pace of my projects. I seem to find other things that need to be done when Ilan is down for his naps. It has been awhile since the last post but I swear I am being productive....just not fully so. I have started on a few projects that each are "semi done". Like a little apron skirt in dark paisley. I found the fabric at a church garage sale and it is a bit I am not sure if I am digging it. I did find some awesome vintage checked fabric in an assortment of colors that will make neat stroller blankets or I could patch it together for a skirt bottom. All these plans....One thing I did complete was a size 2 pillowcase dress. I like the pillowcase dresses but I don't always like the way they are so boxy, amounting to a lot of gathering at the top for the small sizes. Yesterday I drew up a pattern for an A line version, with the neckline slightly lower in the front. I have one cut out and ready to go in a Robert Koffman print. Wish me will come all together....soon. 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ilan's first trip to the river to watch Guinness swim...

As soon as it is warm enough I take Guinness the Dog swimming in the Elk River. It can be fast moving so I pick a calm but deep enough area of the river to let him go at it. He LOVES swimming and he is very, very eager. So eager, I have to brace myseslf as he charges towards me while I retrieve a stone or stick to throw. It was Ilan's first time to the river to witness this crazy dog splash and dig for rocks in the river bed. He was mesmerized as Guinness bounded about. I took him out of his backpack and let him touch the wet rocks. That didn't last too long as everything went into the mouth. I wonder what he sees, thinks and feels for the first time experiencing these things. I love this age and can only look forward to more wonderment as he learns to talk and express what he sees. He is an amazing kid and I can't wait to hear what he tells me!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Stitch Magazine

I just recieved the new edition of Stitch Magazine. It is the only magazine I will pour over and actually read from front to back. Tonnes of wonderful ideas for embellishment. It inspired me to make a toddler jumper with felt peices and a patchwork flower. This is one I won't want to let go....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Curtain from Wallinger Avenue

We once bought a house with contents and all. The former owner had inherited the house from his parents and found no need for shag carpet, orange sofa and chair, 4 lamps from 60s and oodles of ornaments. Actually, everything left in the house was from the 60s or earlier. It was a literal time warp. We had a pretty big garage sale and got rid of many items but I hung on to a nice pair of curtains that didn't go with our decor but I loved the print. I finally found a use for one panel as backing for a crib blanket.

Ilan is all geared up.

Living in the mountains we find ourselves "needing" certain items that let us all get out and about to enjoy nature. Like the Chariot with the massive wheels, suspension and raincover that would sheild baby in a massive down pour or whiteout. Plus, the baby carrier for long treks, rain suit, fleece and even a "soft shell". OK...I know...does he need all that? I sometimes ask myself. Well, I can certainly justify if it was handmade with love...I made his little jacket from my 6 year old jacket from MEC. It ended up being a tad shorter than I would have liked but I think Ilan loves it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Running out of fabric!!?? No worries!

I sold my first 4 (!!!) dresses, all in one day! Now I have to hurry to replenish the slowly growing stock. Our Ilan is an awsome napper but there is only so much one woman can do. So. Here is the challenge. I have lots of cotton scraps and some lonely felt peices sitting in limbo, old duvet covers, curtains from the house on Wallinger Avenue and pre pregnancy shirts and skirts I am certain to never put on again. Is it possible to go for the rest of the month without buying any fabric???? I am going to give it a try! Time for upcycling and not one trip to the fabric store (unless it is for notions to keep it on or up)! Wish me luck!

Car Seat/Stroller Blanket

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New Summer Outfit 6-9 months

This is a tank version of a peasant top. It is made of 100% cotton with matching ruffle capris. Depending on the age of the baby the pants will be ankle length but will look great on an older baby as capris. The neckline for the top is elasticized and can be let out as the baby grows. Other possibilities, wear with leggings or over a onesie for a layered look.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reversible Pinafore Needing Some Nice Little Buttons

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Little Skirts....

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What to do with the scraps...

What better use for all those tiny scraps than baby blankets! I usually don't have too many left after making the clothes but just enough to make cozy stroller blankets, perfect for the carseat or stroller.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Out of something new and something old....

I picked up some fun fat quarters that caught my eye and set to work making a smaller version of the pillowcase dress. I tried them on a friend's baby (6 months) and the hem sits around the knees. They will also make super cute tunic tops with leggings or little jeans. Ilan's old pair of overalls did not escape the Goodwill bag. I cut off the legs and added a ruffle skirt. I love the satisfaction of repurposing old items into something new. I found a really neat purple pillowcase today at the thrift store...I am debating wether it should be a pillowcase dress or an apron overlay for a slightly seethrough skirt I am afraid to wear. We shall see...

Stuff I have been working on....

Around our house comfy pants is the uniform of the house once work is done. My husband has been wearing the same "comfy" pants from Mountain Hardwear well before I was in the picture. Now Ilan has his comfy pants and I have made a few in "girly" prints as well. I have been experimenting with the best way to make the pants grow as little ones grow....adding a elastisized drawstring, adjustible waist with out drawstring and contrasting cuffs. I think I will stick to the elastic with button holes for adjusting the waistline as it is a bit quicker, although I am getting better at button holes....yeah!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Plan for Tomorrow....

Play, yard work, play, sew, coffee....take some pictures. Resist the temptation to dress my little son in pretty girl baby clothes I have made. Ask friends with babies to volunteer....Mental note, make more boys clothes. 

John Cusack's "Hot Tub Time Machine"

Ilan, Guinness the Dog and I walked up town today to have lunch with my husband and to possibly find a zipper for Ilan's new soft shell jacket (repurposed out of my old one). The snow has been gone for a few weeks but today as I approached 2nd Avenue there were heaps of snow piled up against the buildings and curbs. John Cusack's "Hot Tub Time Machine" is being filmed here in Fernie and they are a little late in regards to catching prime shots of snow. Guinness was in his glory as extras peppered the streets and he slowed and greeted as many as he could. I not so patiently dragged him along, slightly annoyed he kept trying to pee on the nice white mounds of relocated snow (likely brought down from the ski hill). I overheard one extra remark he shouldn't play with the snow as it "might not be all that clean". Despite this herky jerky walk with the big goofy collie retriever cross, I had a nice lunch, enjoyed the sunshine and didn't bother to stop for a zipper. I will save it for tomorrow. It gives us an excuse to walk downtown again. Next time I will brush my hair and wear something other than the local uniform, a fleece. This may give me an excuse to make a few new skirts as you never know who I will "bump" in to in downtown Fernie!