Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Lot Has Happened Since July 22nd.

I am trying to catch up on blog posts and so long ago had left off with an unfinished post about Ilan's new quilt for his bed. The original post was started in early July and I finally finished it today. My point is...a lot has happened since! On July 22nd, Quinn was born and life has been quite hectic. So here are a few things that have led up to his arrival!

New Quilt for Ilan's "big boy bed"

The time is coming for Ilan to transition into a "big boy bed". Not because he is a climber and I can no longer keep him contained in his crib. Number 2 is on the way and Ilan's crib will be needed. To help him with the switch, I made him a strip quilt out of a combination of Japanese linen cotton blends and bits of a jelly roll I had bought long ago. I then just stitched in the ditch and the puffier batting gives it a nice lightweight but warm feel. He likes pointing to the little submarines on the one fabric, similar to the one he occasionally has in the bathtub. Ilan has not yet slept in his new bed but instead drags me into his new room and demands that I "sit!" while he plays with his cars and trains. He is truly becoming a boy where all things that have wheels that turn are his whole world.