Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ilan's First Camping Trip

We have such an amazing kid! People rolled their eyes and wished us luck when we explained we were going camping with a 8 month old. Ilan was his laid back self as he looked way up to see the trees around him, taking it all in. He was a pretty happy camper as he lay on his blanket with dad. He had a blast watching the dogs chew on sticks and sniff about. He had his own lawnchair in the mornings to eat his cereal after a sound sleep, bundled up in a gazillion blankets. I was likely over bundling him as usual. We drove the Forestry roads checking out the views and hiked as far as we could go up to Lakit Lookout before we ran into snow. We were dumbfounded at our ignorance of the obvious...that likely snowshoes are still required in the higher elevations in the backcountry this early in the season. No matter, it was all really good. The weather was warm, campfire coffee strong and our baby was happy, even when cutting his first tooth. We love you little guy!

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  1. You guys are FAR braver than us. There is NO WAY. I'm reserving camping for later. When they are older. Of course it's no where near as pretty here either so my motivation may not be as strong.