Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day can be best summed up in pictures....We love you, Allan!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Travel Color Set

Ilan loves to color and I always wanted to make a crayon roll but I wanted something that could hold a medium size pad of paper. I had ordered some cotton linen teddy bear fabric off of ETSY from Japan and this is what I came up with! It was well used on our trip to Portland and Seattle.

Monday, June 14, 2010

6 weeks to go and nothing handmade?!!? Cuddle Blanket

Last night I lay in bed and it struck me that our next addition to our family has nothing handmade yet. Ilan had a purple patchwork blanket when he was only 15weeks in utero. For about two weeks I thought we may be having a girl. Once it was confirmed we were having a boy, he got a second blanket.  Plus I had sewn 15 cloth diapers, crib bedding and curtains. So with only 6 weeks to go it hardly seems right. One of the things I wish I would have made Ilan earlier was a small cuddle  blanket. If you have read an  earlier post showing a small blanket with his name on came a little too late as he is very attached to a white polka dot fuzzy blanket that he still trips on at almost 20 months. This time I am hoping I can introduce a small cuddly non tripping version, complete with cute bird fabric and tags to play with. It may end up being a pillow in the end but it was fun to make!

Market Skirts....I love MADE!!!

I am obsessed with checking I love her easy to follow tutorials and the fact that she has equally cute options for boys and girls. In the summer I find myself sewing a lot for little girls, despite having none of my own and 1, almost 2 boys of my own. I have always loved her bright Market Skirts and finally got around to making a few. I changed a few things....I didn't bother gathering the white band along the bottom and I made the waistband adjustable with a drawstring attached to an elastic. I stuck to one pocket for sheer lack of motivation to make two. I also made a really small one (size 3-6 months) with a ruffle at the bottom. It was so simple to do! I just cut a long strip, straight stitched two rows with elastic thread and then sewed the ruffle on to the bottom band. As with any sewing binge that I have that involves cute little girl stuff, I always get a pang of guilt for not making more boys things. My next project hopefully will involve the 90 minute shirt! 

Little Boy's Backpack

I found a great tutorial at Noodlehead for a little boys backpack. I left out the zippered pocket...Living in a small town doesn't always lend well to running out and buying notions at the last minute. I put a big pocket on the front only to find it wouldn't hold anything too well.  The problem was solved by topstitching two u-shaped pocks right on top that Ilan can slide toys into. Truthfully, the backpack is more for show when we go out. I wouldn't want to let him play with at his age on his own as I would be afraid he would loop the cord around himself. I already have visions of Allan making me a nice wall mounted coat rack with pegs for Ilan's room. I can picture the backpack hanging there with his numerous hats (he does take after his dad!)

Some long lost sewing....

I have been sewing....honestly. I just haven't been blogging. Life has sped up with a toddler and I have slowed down with a baby in my belly. Not too much longer to go and I will have two busy boys! Ilan, Allan and I  have been enjoying the newly turned summer weather here in Fernie. Lots of trips to the park and now repeated requests of "mommy....side?????" meaning OUTSIDE?!!! Here are a few pics of things I have sewn over the last 6 months. The small snuggle blanket was supposed to be a "substitute" for Ilan's favorite blanket, small enough so he wouldn't trip....He hasn't really taken to it yet...I might stuff it and make it into a pillow. The other picutre is of a mini quilt I experimented with. I tried my hand at machine quilting and it was super fun! Unfortunately I had to improvise as I don't have the proper free motion foot to do free motion quilting. Someday.....sigh.....