Friday, May 15, 2009

Ilan's first trip to the river to watch Guinness swim...

As soon as it is warm enough I take Guinness the Dog swimming in the Elk River. It can be fast moving so I pick a calm but deep enough area of the river to let him go at it. He LOVES swimming and he is very, very eager. So eager, I have to brace myseslf as he charges towards me while I retrieve a stone or stick to throw. It was Ilan's first time to the river to witness this crazy dog splash and dig for rocks in the river bed. He was mesmerized as Guinness bounded about. I took him out of his backpack and let him touch the wet rocks. That didn't last too long as everything went into the mouth. I wonder what he sees, thinks and feels for the first time experiencing these things. I love this age and can only look forward to more wonderment as he learns to talk and express what he sees. He is an amazing kid and I can't wait to hear what he tells me!

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  1. It is pretty amazing that is for sure. I can't believe some of the conversations A and I have. That is a beautiful photo of you two. :)