Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Lot Has Happened Since July 22nd.

I am trying to catch up on blog posts and so long ago had left off with an unfinished post about Ilan's new quilt for his bed. The original post was started in early July and I finally finished it today. My point is...a lot has happened since! On July 22nd, Quinn was born and life has been quite hectic. So here are a few things that have led up to his arrival!

New Quilt for Ilan's "big boy bed"

The time is coming for Ilan to transition into a "big boy bed". Not because he is a climber and I can no longer keep him contained in his crib. Number 2 is on the way and Ilan's crib will be needed. To help him with the switch, I made him a strip quilt out of a combination of Japanese linen cotton blends and bits of a jelly roll I had bought long ago. I then just stitched in the ditch and the puffier batting gives it a nice lightweight but warm feel. He likes pointing to the little submarines on the one fabric, similar to the one he occasionally has in the bathtub. Ilan has not yet slept in his new bed but instead drags me into his new room and demands that I "sit!" while he plays with his cars and trains. He is truly becoming a boy where all things that have wheels that turn are his whole world.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flock of Geese....just what the plaid couch needed.

It was really really hard to make something match this plaid, lodge style couch. Nothing else needs to be said aside from it was a really simple quilt pattern to do. Instead of making a mini quilt as I had intended I made it into a pillow.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day can be best summed up in pictures....We love you, Allan!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Travel Color Set

Ilan loves to color and I always wanted to make a crayon roll but I wanted something that could hold a medium size pad of paper. I had ordered some cotton linen teddy bear fabric off of ETSY from Japan and this is what I came up with! It was well used on our trip to Portland and Seattle.

Monday, June 14, 2010

6 weeks to go and nothing handmade?!!? Cuddle Blanket

Last night I lay in bed and it struck me that our next addition to our family has nothing handmade yet. Ilan had a purple patchwork blanket when he was only 15weeks in utero. For about two weeks I thought we may be having a girl. Once it was confirmed we were having a boy, he got a second blanket.  Plus I had sewn 15 cloth diapers, crib bedding and curtains. So with only 6 weeks to go it hardly seems right. One of the things I wish I would have made Ilan earlier was a small cuddle  blanket. If you have read an  earlier post showing a small blanket with his name on came a little too late as he is very attached to a white polka dot fuzzy blanket that he still trips on at almost 20 months. This time I am hoping I can introduce a small cuddly non tripping version, complete with cute bird fabric and tags to play with. It may end up being a pillow in the end but it was fun to make!

Market Skirts....I love MADE!!!

I am obsessed with checking I love her easy to follow tutorials and the fact that she has equally cute options for boys and girls. In the summer I find myself sewing a lot for little girls, despite having none of my own and 1, almost 2 boys of my own. I have always loved her bright Market Skirts and finally got around to making a few. I changed a few things....I didn't bother gathering the white band along the bottom and I made the waistband adjustable with a drawstring attached to an elastic. I stuck to one pocket for sheer lack of motivation to make two. I also made a really small one (size 3-6 months) with a ruffle at the bottom. It was so simple to do! I just cut a long strip, straight stitched two rows with elastic thread and then sewed the ruffle on to the bottom band. As with any sewing binge that I have that involves cute little girl stuff, I always get a pang of guilt for not making more boys things. My next project hopefully will involve the 90 minute shirt! 

Little Boy's Backpack

I found a great tutorial at Noodlehead for a little boys backpack. I left out the zippered pocket...Living in a small town doesn't always lend well to running out and buying notions at the last minute. I put a big pocket on the front only to find it wouldn't hold anything too well.  The problem was solved by topstitching two u-shaped pocks right on top that Ilan can slide toys into. Truthfully, the backpack is more for show when we go out. I wouldn't want to let him play with at his age on his own as I would be afraid he would loop the cord around himself. I already have visions of Allan making me a nice wall mounted coat rack with pegs for Ilan's room. I can picture the backpack hanging there with his numerous hats (he does take after his dad!)

Some long lost sewing....

I have been sewing....honestly. I just haven't been blogging. Life has sped up with a toddler and I have slowed down with a baby in my belly. Not too much longer to go and I will have two busy boys! Ilan, Allan and I  have been enjoying the newly turned summer weather here in Fernie. Lots of trips to the park and now repeated requests of "mommy....side?????" meaning OUTSIDE?!!! Here are a few pics of things I have sewn over the last 6 months. The small snuggle blanket was supposed to be a "substitute" for Ilan's favorite blanket, small enough so he wouldn't trip....He hasn't really taken to it yet...I might stuff it and make it into a pillow. The other picutre is of a mini quilt I experimented with. I tried my hand at machine quilting and it was super fun! Unfortunately I had to improvise as I don't have the proper free motion foot to do free motion quilting. Someday.....sigh.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Softie for Ilan

I have had the book "Softies Only a Mother Could Love" for some time and procrastinated as usual. Or! Waited until the feeling struck! I can't always be in the mood to sew. It was time to make Ilan something. I feel a bit bad because I enjoy making cute girl stuff....when I don't have a girl. So I found something really fun to make and now I am on to another one...with plans for more! Making softies is pretty fun actually. They are a great way to use up scraps. I ran out of stuffing so i used left over minky bits. I knew I was saving those for something. The original pattern was supposed to be larger but I didn't feel like finding a photocopier so I just traced the pattern out of the book as is.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Little Girls Peasant Top from SEW LIBERATED!!!!

I pre-ordered a copy of Sew Liberated and waited about 3 weeks...and not so patiently. I am addicted to browsing online bookstores at the fabulous sewing books out there. The photography is beautiful, the sewing envious and even better, patterns are included!!! Unfortunately, I buy more books and spend more time dreaming than sewing half the time. But when I cracked open Sew Liberated, a little toddler/girls's shirt popped out at me.. Within a couple of hours I put the pattern to the test. Sizes included were S. M. L and XL. I had no idea for whom a Sm would fit, but it looked like it would work for a 18 to 24mos. The pattern  for the main body was the same for the back and front so that left just the sleeve...only 2 pattern peices for the whole top. It was so easy!!! The original shirt had 3 little appliqued circles on the front but I used a bird template also found in the book. I was worried about zigagging the bird on the linen/cotton shirt for fear that if it didn't look right I would have to pick out too many stitches. Instead I ironed on the applique bird with fusible webbing onto a peice of linen and then straight stitched it on, letting the edges fray. I was pretty happy with the results.
There is an adult version that I would like to make for myself once I have more fabric. Can't wait!! It feels good to be motivated again!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

All things linen....

I love sewing with linen. When I get a piece I mull over what I am going to do with it for days...scared to wreck it or not do it justice.  I don't have too much left of a batch I bought in Seattle so I used bits for a cotton and linen patch scarf. I then stitched a simple running stitch down the edges to prevent over fraying and I am pretty happy with the result.

The Finished Jacket.

Ok. So it wasn't exactly the next day. I will stop making promises I can't keep. When I go through my pictures I can't believe I waited so long to put Ilan's cute mug up! He seems pretty proud of his jacket! My next project for the spring is to make him a rain jacket out of Allan's gore-tex jacket.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ilan's Sort of New Jacket.

A couple of months ago I decided to cut up Allan's jacket and make a small one for Ilan. Here are some photos (finally!!) of the process. It worked amazing well considering I was nervous about possibly making a mess of it. It was easier than I thought. I just placed the pattern around the features of the jacket I wanted to keep. I was able to use the existing pockets on both the outer and inner lining. I reused the collar, complete with elastic and toggle to bring it in tighter around the neck. I also used the existing waist band with drawstring. The outside is a soft shell jacket and inside is lined with lightweight polyfill. I actually added another layer of quilt batting to make it a bit warmer as the original was really more of a spring/fall jacket. The end jacket has a detachable hood and I have yet to take a picture of Ilan wearing it...shameful I know!!!! Tomorrow, I promise.

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