Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, How I Can Dream! Lucy & Norman Giveaway!

Check out Lucy & Norman for this fantastic fabric giveaway. I am on a fabric diet and craving fabric carbs!

So. For this giveaway, a specific, but pretty simple question for me, needs to be answered. "What project I would love to complete in 2011?" My, my, my....there are too many! Recently, I have mulled over this question in an effort to kickstart my next project. I am new to quilting and find the idea of quilting a large quilt for my bed challenging. I have experimented with a quilt as you go method here and have been thinking about making a quilt for our bed using curved improvisational piecing from Sew Take a Hike's tutorial. I thought perhaps I could complete a section of blocks, quilt them and then sew the larger blocks together before putting the back on. The other quilt pattern that I have been itching to do and every time I think of a particualar project I dream of this one instead.

I think that if my mind always wonders back to Anna Maria Horner"s "The Sixth's Time is a Charm" pattern, it must be indication of where my heart lies in my next project. I don't have a whole lot of fabric at this time to complete this project but I love the idea of combining new prints with some solids along with some recycled fabrics from some of my favorite items. I love the look of this quilt in terms of the mixing of prints and colors. Ah!!!! I think this is it!!!

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