Monday, January 3, 2011

The best place to begin is at the beginning

Where do I start? I have been lost in blogland. MIA. It seems that since child number 2, Quinn, blogging about family and crafty adventures and misadventures fell by the wayside. Having a baby shortly before Ilan's second birthday kinda put things on hold. Have no fear though, I did manage to take some pictures, whip up some fun projects and keep from losing my mind. All you mothers (and fathers) will understand. I am amazed at where the time goes! Quinn is now just over 5 months. Ilan is a charming 2 and a bit. Shortly after Quinn was born in July, I figured he needed a hat. My good friend always teases me that Ilan had a toque (standard head gear for Fernie) for every day of the week. For Quinn, I couldn't buck the trend. I made this cute t-shirt hat from this tutorial from At Second Street. It fit for about a week. I cut the skier off of the tshirt I upcycled. Quinn looks like a ski bum already!

As Quinn grew older I realized that his lack of hair would necessitate many more adventures in hat making.

Or maybe just borrow Dad's new Christmas Toque.

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