Thursday, July 7, 2011

Strip Quilt for Mountain Market

IMG_0256 by Our Ilan & Quinn
IMG_0256, a photo by Our Ilan & Quinn on Flickr.

I decided to make a quilt for the July 1rst Mountain was really last minute! Like 2 days before. I love strip quilts as they are so easy to make. I am a new to quilting because typically I am the kind of person that likes quick projects. What I am learning through quilting is that it is an exercise in patience. I love the fact that with quilting, it is a process that generates different facets of creativity and skill that making clothes doesn't give me. Clothes have to fit. End of story. With patchwork, you can go a little crazy with pattern, color, and piecing (not really evidenced here). You can stick to traditional designs or improvise (I bow down to you Denyse Schmidt). I know I may not sell this cute quilt. Market success is based on moderately priced items. Most people only have a certain amount of cash on them after they fill their baskets with fruits and the case with me, certainly. But I loved how this bright little quilt looked at our table. I liked how some of the prints were softer but were a nice contrast to the vibrant orange. I think I will keep up this quilting hobby of mine, even if it is easier to make the little things that sell well. Thank you everybody who bought dresses and fabric that day! It was a fun adventure and we hope to see you this Sunday at Rotary Park!

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