Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Tree

  by Our Ilan & Quinn
, a photo by Our Ilan & Quinn on Flickr.
Awhile back I screen printed a tree on linen and about...hmm...let's see....5 months later, I finally appliqued leaves on. I was inspired by my friend AP from InknThreads who had cut a beautiful stencil for screen printing. She is a clever, clever girl and I loved the quirky square leaves she did instead of the typical teardrop shape. To me they remind me of postage stamps and it makes me think of all the avenues I have been down, in a metaphorical sense. Not actual avenues. That would be odd. Remembering all those roads, in every city or town. Yikes! I digress! Anyways...I do have a vision for this mini quilt. I would love to stitch my family's name on the tree. Fitting for my first born, Ilan, whose name means "tree" and Quinn, "one who gives counsel". I imagine trees to be wise as they remain still while we pass by. Imagine what all they take in.

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