Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stitched in Color - Premium Curves Class

I am so happy I was able to sign up for Rachel's Premium Curves Class.  I am not an experienced quilter and most of my sewing has been for my children and some clothes for me. I am addicted to quilting though and I really would love to make it my passion. It never occurred to me until recently to take an online course and it is just what I need! As a mom to 2 young kids I can't always get out to the local quilt shop to learn from others. This opportunity fits my life right now and I am so grateful!

As for sewing curves. I have tried on 2 occasions, once using this tutorial by Sewtakeahike.
I actually ended up with a mug rug looking nothing like her block so I gave up and it became what it is today....Then I tried  a block inspired by this tutorial and didn't get far as I ended up moving away from the curved piecing.  At any rate, I am excited to have the guidance (and inspiration) from others and structure to conquer my fears and complete a project!


  1. Thanks for posting your thoughts, Athena! Welcome, welcome!

  2. I just linked over from the curves class! Good for you for trying curves - they have been pretty scary for me, so this is my first attempt. I'm looking forward to the structure, too! I am becoming a follower so I can see all the fun curvy projects you make!

  3. Thank you both! I am excited to see what everyone will come up with!