Monday, June 14, 2010

Market Skirts....I love MADE!!!

I am obsessed with checking I love her easy to follow tutorials and the fact that she has equally cute options for boys and girls. In the summer I find myself sewing a lot for little girls, despite having none of my own and 1, almost 2 boys of my own. I have always loved her bright Market Skirts and finally got around to making a few. I changed a few things....I didn't bother gathering the white band along the bottom and I made the waistband adjustable with a drawstring attached to an elastic. I stuck to one pocket for sheer lack of motivation to make two. I also made a really small one (size 3-6 months) with a ruffle at the bottom. It was so simple to do! I just cut a long strip, straight stitched two rows with elastic thread and then sewed the ruffle on to the bottom band. As with any sewing binge that I have that involves cute little girl stuff, I always get a pang of guilt for not making more boys things. My next project hopefully will involve the 90 minute shirt! 


  1. oh my goodness they're wicked!!

  2. These are the sweetest little skirts ever!!