Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Boy's Backpack

I found a great tutorial at Noodlehead for a little boys backpack. I left out the zippered pocket...Living in a small town doesn't always lend well to running out and buying notions at the last minute. I put a big pocket on the front only to find it wouldn't hold anything too well.  The problem was solved by topstitching two u-shaped pocks right on top that Ilan can slide toys into. Truthfully, the backpack is more for show when we go out. I wouldn't want to let him play with at his age on his own as I would be afraid he would loop the cord around himself. I already have visions of Allan making me a nice wall mounted coat rack with pegs for Ilan's room. I can picture the backpack hanging there with his numerous hats (he does take after his dad!)

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