Monday, June 14, 2010

6 weeks to go and nothing handmade?!!? Cuddle Blanket

Last night I lay in bed and it struck me that our next addition to our family has nothing handmade yet. Ilan had a purple patchwork blanket when he was only 15weeks in utero. For about two weeks I thought we may be having a girl. Once it was confirmed we were having a boy, he got a second blanket.  Plus I had sewn 15 cloth diapers, crib bedding and curtains. So with only 6 weeks to go it hardly seems right. One of the things I wish I would have made Ilan earlier was a small cuddle  blanket. If you have read an  earlier post showing a small blanket with his name on came a little too late as he is very attached to a white polka dot fuzzy blanket that he still trips on at almost 20 months. This time I am hoping I can introduce a small cuddly non tripping version, complete with cute bird fabric and tags to play with. It may end up being a pillow in the end but it was fun to make!

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  1. Six weeks!! That's it!! Wow. So excited! :)