Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A skirt from the past and one from yesterday's naptime....

I made an a line bias cut skirt last year I think...with a big floral print on the front and have never worn it. This happens to me sometimes...not that I don't like the fit but I end up with many skirts and never have the right top to go with them. So did that stop me from making another skirt? Heck, no! I borrowed Stitch by Stitch by Debra Moebes and loved her "carport skirt" on the cover. I don't have a printer to print off the pattern included in the CD, so just used an a line skirt pattern and created two overlapping panels to create the wrap. So in total I made a wrap skirt using three pieces and used under 1.5 yards of Tanya Whelan fabric. I have a Amy Butler jelly roll from which I pieced together the waist band and ties. Then I discovered the wrap skirt looked great over my other skirt, with the little bit of white ruffle peeking out. Success! This is definitely the month for mom! Two items for me in under 4 days?

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