Monday, April 18, 2011

New hat for ME!!!

This will be a short post....yeah a new hat for me!!! I have long wanted to try making my own hat. I searched for a pattern and the whole idea never went anywhere as I couldn't find the right one.  Then I got brave and decided to take apart one of my hats that fit well in the crown but I didn't care for the brim. I traced a new pattern from the lining be cause it ironed nice and flat. It worked pretty good. My friend wants one now too....perhaps I will make her hat in to my first tutorial. We will see....things are pretty busy round here...Doing family things on the weekends and I had my last sewing class last night. I will blog about it soon when I get the pics rounded up from everyone. It was fantastic! Or more accurately,  the students were fantastic and fearless! Keep your eye out for the post. 


  1. yep this hat is seriously wicked, even better on than in the pic. :)

  2. Your finishing work is always so impressive. Nice work on the hat. It looks awesome!