Friday, May 13, 2011

New! Our Ilan & Quinn Fabric

Well this post deserves to be a long post...but it will be a short one. Simple, short and sweet. I am selling fabric on ETSY! I am "knackered" (as my aussie friend, AP so awesomely says) from listing for what seemed like hours on end. I didn't think it would take sooo long!  You will find the link to the right....yes...go ahead and click! I am obviously starting small with a smattering of fabrics from Freespirit, the sister website of Westminister Fibers. I received my first shipment 2 days ago and will be expecting some more in a couple of weeks. Now begins the journey into the wonderful, sometimes confusing world of ETSY. K, this post is getting kinda longish...for me anyways. I always mean to pour more heart and soul in to blogging....but I tire out. Two kids under 3 make for a busy mama. I digress. Where was I? Ahh...ETSY. Now begins the journey of checking my account religiously, getting orders ready and bike rides to the post office. Life is pretty great here in Fernie by the way. Spring has sprung, bikes are out. We have been getting around town with the kids in tow, Ilan yelling "mummy bike faster!". It is too funny. Quinn's helmet is always covering his little eyes and all you see is cheeks. Here I go, off topic again. As much as I love this crazy new adventure we are on, I am more grateful for the support and love from my husband and boys. Thank you.


  1. Your three boys are beautiful! Good luck with your etsy adventure, I hope it's a profitable one!

  2. Thank you Mama D! I am a lucky girl! hope all is well with you and your family!