Monday, May 16, 2011

Instagram is sooo much fun!

  by Our Ilan & Quinn
, a photo by Our Ilan & Quinn on Flickr.
First off. Instagram rocks! It is a iphone app that adds cool filters and borders to your pics taken with the iphone. I had seen it used at (a great blog and store, by the way. Very, very cool custom clothing and screenprinted tees for kids). Anyways, here is my first blog post with Instagram. Unfortunately, pics cannot be directly sent to blogger so I had to send the picture to Flickr first.

So enough about Instagram. The bag is a pattern from Noodlehead and this was my first go. I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing, as I am using the pattern for a bag making class. It was incredibly easy to put together. The only thing I did different was I made my strap 44 inches instead of 26. I wanted, or need to be able to wear the bag across my shoulder. This way I have my hands free for busy little ones. Overall, I am very happy with the pattern. The fabric is wild, from Jay McCarrol's newest collection, Habitat. I have all three fabrics in my Etsy shop and I thought I better make something to showcase the playfulness of this line.

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  1. so glad you like the pattern. :) hope you also have fun teaching the class, looks fun!