Monday, December 19, 2011

Fernie Christmas Craft Sale

I headed back to Fernie last weekend to sell some wares. In the past, when it comes to selling fabric at the market, I used to just bring fat quarters and 1 yard cuts as it was easier to cart around. This time I dragged all my bolts of fabric down and had a cutting area set up. It was pretty successful! I am not sure I would do that every market, but when space allows, it does seem worth it. I also didn't make any children's clothing this time and stuck to small items like pouches, stroller blankets and simple patchwork pillows. I also had pretty good success with up-cycled slouch hats and the fur lined aviator hats. Most of all I had a great time hanging out for the day with M.C and J.B, my crafty counterparts. It was also really nice to visit with so many familiar faces. Despite the good times to be had and a profit, I think it will be that last time I do a market in Fernie. It is time to get things going here in Kimberley and move on. To all those in Fernie, if you are reading this, thank you for all your support and kindness! I will miss you all!


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