Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh where has the time gone??!!

Ok. Why does it always come to this? I haven't blogged since August!!! Life has passed by...back to work, juggling daycare, kids programs and some sewing here and there....actually very little sewing. Hence, the lack of blog posts...Oh yeah...and a move. A few weeks ago we left the panorama of the Lizard Range that surrounds Fernie. Opportunities present themselves when we least expect them and we now have returned to Kimberley. I have fond memories of Kimberley, as we were married here, bought our first house and contemplated the rest of our life together...Well maybe not contemplated...we are not much for planning, my husband and I. So it feels very much like we have traveled full circle after moving to Fernie, having two kids and now back again. Where will life lead us now? At any rate, I have been busy getting kids to play groups, have been enjoying walking downtown, browsing the Gilded Goat and day dreaming about sewing again. Yesterday during a rare quite time with the kids, I was able to put together a few blocks that I pieced ages ago. Judging by  it's configuration, i think it will be a table runner or even a "curtain" for a skinny window in our computer area (which is actually a front hall closet in the front entry).  At any rate, it was sooo nice to get back at the sewing machine. I don't have an actual sewing room but I have a pretty good set up in our master bedroom. The only problem with this is I can't sew into the wee hours of the night. I am sure now that I have kicked started my sewing "stall" I will find the time again!

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