Sunday, January 22, 2012

Craftsy Block of the Month with Amy Gibson

I am super excited to be doing a free online course by Amy Gibson featuring various techniques. January featured "slash blocks", a quick and easy way to end up with complicated looking blocks. I am really glad I ventured to do this. I usually don't start major quilt projects as I like a quick fix. I am more likely to make up a pair of baby/toddler pants or work on a hat so I can see immediate results. I am so fond of quilting though and really would love to accomplish more than I have. I am finding with this course I can get a block done during my kid's naptime and then eagerly await the next lesson! There are two blocks in January and this morning I completed the asterix block. In the video, Amy uses white as the background color but all I had on hand was a dark gray. Tonite I hope to finish the wonky pound sign and post pictures.

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