Thursday, October 22, 2009

Recent Projects

It is has been a long, long time since a new post. I have started back to work as a Mental Health Clinician on a part time basis....I am just now getting the hang of juggling work, motherhood and keeping up with sewing. I ordered the new edition of Stitch magazine and set out right away to make a purse similar to the one on the cover. I haven't completed the stitching at the bottom and it isn't quite the same but it is my version anyhow. I will post another pic when it is completely done. I really want to keep it for myself but I am saving it for a potential christmas present. The little boots were an experiement and I thought I followed the pattern for size three but they are tiny!!! Likely for 0-3 months. Luckily there are lots of babies being born in my neck of the woods so they will make a cute gift. The blanket with the "taggie-like" petals was for a friend who had a baby shower to attend. I had a lot of fun coming up with the idea but unfortunately ran out of camera battery before I could take a larger pic.

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